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Finding a good roofing contractor in River Ridge, LA, is tough, but TurnKey Roofers is the go-to for all roofing work. We’re all about quality and making sure you’re happy with the job. Our team can handle repairs, replacements, or regular maintenance with top-notch skills. Trust us to keep your home safe and looking good, even with River Ridge’s unique weather challenges. Call us now!

Our River Ridge Residential Roofing Services

Roof Installation

roof expert installing new asphalt shingleRoof installation in River Ridge requires a careful selection of materials. The local climate demands materials that withstand humidity and occasional heavy rains. Metal, asphalt shingles, and clay tiles are popular choices.

The process starts with a detailed assessment. Then, the timeline is set, usually ranging from a few days to weeks depending on the project’s size. Costs vary by material and roof size.

Roof Repair

Hail Damage

Hail can severely damage roofs in River Ridge. We use specific techniques to spot hail impacts during inspections. We decide between repair or total replacement based on the damage extent. You may need assistance filing insurance claims for hail damages. We will provide this support.

Emergency Services

Roofing problems can happen anytime, so it’s important to have 24/7 services available in River Ridge. We offer temporary fixes to prevent further damage until permanent repairs start. A rapid response team ensures quick deployment to tackle urgent issues.

Roof Replacement

Men working on roofSigns like frequent leaks indicate it’s time for a new roof. Options include metal, slate, and more modern synthetic materials known for longevity. New roofs come with warranties offering peace of mind regarding future problems.

Specialized Services

Asbestos Removal

Identifying asbestos is critical in older homes before starting any roofing work. Safety protocols ensure safe asbestos removal without risking health. Disposal follows strict legal guidelines to avoid environmental harm.

Roof Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing involves several techniques aimed at enhancing resistance against elements. It includes sealing gaps and improving insulation which significantly reduces energy bills over time.

Our River Ridge Commercial Roofing Services


Regular upkeep is key to making a commercial roof last longer. We offer scheduled inspections to catch issues early. During these checks, we clean gutters and remove debris that can cause damage.

Detecting minor problems before they become major is key. This proactive approach saves money and extends the roof’s life.


Proper ventilation plays a significant role in maintaining roof health. It stops moisture and heat from building up under the roof by using different types of ventilation systems that fit various building designs.

Calculating proper ventilation needs requires expertise. We consider several factors to ensure optimal airflow throughout the roofing structure.


Re-roofingtwo man working on roof is putting new shingles on top of the old ones. It differs from complete replacement because it doesn’t require tearing off old layers. This method is viable when the underlying roof structure is sound but needs a refresh on its appearance or a boost in protection against elements.

However, there are limitations to re-roofing, such as weight concerns and the potential masking of deeper issues.

Roof Coating

Applying a coating can significantly extend a roof’s lifespan. These coatings come in various types, each offering unique benefits like UV resistance or improved waterproofing.

  • Acrylic
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane

The application process varies by product but generally includes cleaning, applying primer (if necessary), and then the coating itself followed by adequate drying time.

Our Roof Maintenance Services in River Ridge


Our roof maintenance services for homeowners in River Ridge offer a wide range of customization options. You can choose materials and styles that match your home’s architecture. This flexibility ensures your roof not only protects but also complements your house.

Customizing your roof has several benefits. A stylish, well-kept roof can greatly increase your home’s value and improve its first impression. It shows you care about maintaining every aspect of your property.

In residential areas, special considerations are necessary. Noise levels during repairs or installations must be kept low to avoid disturbing neighbors. Safety measures are critical to protect both workers and residents throughout the project.


Our roofing contractors in River Ridge know how crucial it is for businesses, big or small, to scale up smoothly. We customize our services for any size project, ensuring businesses can expand or upgrade with minimal hassle.

Compliance with commercial building codes is non-negotiable for us. We ensure all projects adhere strictly to local regulations, guaranteeing safety and legality.

Energy efficiency is another crucial factor for commercial properties. Our solutions aim at reducing energy costs over time through reflective surfaces or insulation improvements.

These energy-efficient upgrades not only lower bills but also contribute to a greener footprint—a significant plus for environmentally conscious companies.

All About River Ridge, LA

River Ridge is a cozy town by the Mississippi River known for its small-town vibe and tight community. It has beautiful scenery that draws people in. The town is really about community spirit, with lots of local events like farmers’ markets, festivals, and parades that bring everyone closer and show off local skills.

  • Visit the Little Farms Playground for a family-friendly day out
  • Check out the paths and views at Audubon Louisiana Nature Center.
  • Enjoy shopping and dining at Elmwood Shopping Center
  • Enjoy a relaxing walk or bike ride on the Mississippi River Levee Path.
  • Play a round of golf at Colonial Golf and Country Club.
  • Peyton Manning, a name synonymous with American football excellence.
  • Ellen DeGeneres, a renowned comedian and television host
  • Kenner
  • Metairie
  • Harahan
  • Jefferson
  • Elmwood
  • The area has a long history since it was first settled.
  • It’s in the Greater New Orleans metro area, providing quick access to city features but still keeping a calm, residential vibe.
  • River Ridge has a humid subtropical climate, perfect for enjoying green scenery and outdoor fun all year.
  • The local economy thrives on various businesses, especially trusted roofing contractors who help homeowners keep their properties safe from weather damage.
  • Community events and festivals often bring people together, creating a strong feeling of
  • Jefferson Transit (JeT) provides bus service
  • Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft
  • Taxi services
  • Biking is supported by some community paths
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