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Roofing Contractors in Baton Rouge, LA

When your roof demands attention, TurnKey Roofers stands out as the premier choice among roofing contractors in Baton Rouge. In roofing, where every detail counts, we use our skills to meet your needs with excellence.

Whether facing storm damage or planning a renovation, trust us to deliver solutions tailored to protect your home. With TurnKey Roofers, exceptional results are not just promised; they’re guaranteed.

Roof Types in Baton Rouge

Providing a variety of high-quality roofs for both homes and businesses. Our expert team specializes in installing durable asphalt shingles and modern metal roofs, ensuring excellent service that has made us the go-to roofing experts in Baton Rouge.

Shingle Roofs

roof expert installing new asphalt shingleShingle roofs are a popular choice for homes in Baton Rouge. They come in many materials and colors. This variety lets homeowners pick what fits their style best. Heat and storms test shingle durability often. Yet, these roofs are still a cost-effective option for many.

The climate here impacts how long shingles last. It’s important to choose shingles that can handle the local weather. A good roof protects against rain and wind damage, saving money over time.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is known for its energy-saving features. These roofs reflect sunlight, which helps keep houses cooler during hot months. This means lower air conditioning bills—a big plus!

These roofs also stand strong against severe weather conditions like hurricanes or heavy rains. They offer various design choices too, so your home can look great while being protected.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs suit commercial buildings well around Baton Rouge. They need good drainage systems to avoid water buildup, though. Without proper drainage, water could cause serious problems for the building structure.

There are different coatings and sealants available for flat roofs. These help protect them from leaks and extend their life span significantly. Choosing the right one depends on specific building needs, but it makes a big difference.

Roofing Services Offered

roofer installing roofTurnKey Roofers understands the importance of a solid roof for your safety at home or work. Our skilled team handles any size project and offers personalized, durable, and attractive roofing solutions. Trust us for high-quality work on all our roofing services.

Installation Services

We use modern techniques and equipment to ensure quality. Our team sets clear timeline expectations, so homeowners know when their new roof will be ready. Clients also receive solid warranty coverage for installation workmanship.

Roof types vary, but our expertise ensures each is handled correctly. Whether it’s a flat or pitched roof, we commit to precision and efficiency in our installation process.

Repair Services

Our repair services focus on the common issues Baton Rouge roofs face. We quickly respond to minimize damage from leaks or wear and tear. For repairs, we use materials that match your existing roof for a seamless fix.

A quick response can save you money and stress in the long run. We’re here to help before small problems become big ones.

Maintenance Services

a professional roofer removing an old roofRegular maintenance is key to a durable roof in Baton Rouge. Our scheduled inspections catch potential problems early on. Cleaning services are also offered to prevent debris buildup, which can cause harm over time.

We take preventative measures against issues like water damage and mold growth as well:

  • Scheduled inspections.
  • Debris removal.
  • Preventative treatments.

These steps extend your roof’s lifespan significantly.

Emergency Services

Storms happen unexpectedly; that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services for storm or accident damage in Baton Rouge. We provide temporary solutions immediately after damage occurs to protect your home’s interior from further harm.

We coordinate with insurance companies during such events too:

  1. Assess the situation.
  2. Implement temporary fixes.
  3. Manage insurance claims efficiently.

Roofing Services Coverage

Residential Services

Men working on roofTurnKey Roofers provides customized roofing solutions for homes in Baton Rouge. We know every house is unique. Our team works with homeowners to meet their specific needs. We consider the style of each neighborhood and follow HOA rules closely.

During projects, we prioritize safety above all else. Workers use gear to prevent accidents on-site. They also protect residents by setting up safe work zones around homes.

Commercial Services

Our expertise extends to large commercial roofing jobs as well. Efficiency is key when handling big projects, so we plan meticulously to save time and resources. Businesses can trust us because we adhere strictly to Baton Rouge’s building codes for commercial properties.

We aim to minimize any impact our work might have on the daily operations of businesses. This means scheduling tasks cleverly and communicating clearly with clients throughout the process.

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Turnkey Roofers offers a complete package. Our roofing team takes care of everything, including checking, putting in, keeping up, and fixing roofs. We’re experienced pros who provide great service in Baton Rouge. We know the newest methods and safety rules, so your roof is safe with us. Plus, we work fast to avoid messing up your routine. Contact us today!

All About Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. It’s known for its deep culture and rich history. The city sits on the Mississippi River. This location has shaped its development over the centuries.

Many tourists visit Baton Rouge each year. They come to see historic sites like the Old State Capitol. They also enjoy local festivals that celebrate music and food.

Besides culture, Baton Rouge is an important economic center in Louisiana. It hosts several industries including petrochemical production and medical research.

The presence of Louisiana State University (LSU) adds to the city’s vibrancy. LSU brings students, academics, and innovation into the community.

  • Visit the Old State Capitol. It’s a Gothic architectural gem with political stories. Next, see the USS Kidd, a WWII destroyer turned museum. It offers naval history insights.
  • Spend time at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. Walk trails and spot wildlife. Or, kayak down the Mississippi River for adventure and scenic views.
  • Enjoy live performances at the Shaw Center for the Arts. Explore Southern art at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum too.
  • Shaquille O’Neal – The famous basketball star, once a Los Angeles Lakers player, has close connections to Baton Rouge.
  • Randy Jackson – A well-known music industry figure, famous for being a judge on “American Idol.”
  • Donna Brazile – A political strategist who served as interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee
  • Founded in 1699, the city named “Red Stick” in French became the state capital in 1849.
  • The place got its name from French explorer Sieur d’Iberville, who noticed a red pole with animal heads on it, showing where different tribes’ hunting lands were separated.
  • This city is famous for its mix of European, African, and Caribbean cultures, which you can experience at festivals and in popular dishes like jambalaya and gumbo.
  • The Capital Area Transit System (CATS) is Baton Rouge’s primary bus service, providing multiple routes across the city to connect riders to important locations.
  • For more direct travel, on-demand services like Uber and Lyft operate in Baton Rouge. They offer convenient rides with just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Capital Area Transit System (CATS) On Demand: For those who need paratransit services.
  • LSU Tiger Trails: A free transit service for Louisiana State University students and staff.
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